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Car Luxe Cleaning is a company that specialises in the cleaning, maintenance and reconditioning of all types of vehicles.

It was founded 20 years ago and still has the same dynamism today as it did on its first day!

Our commitment is clear: to offer you a tailor-made service, accompanied by an irreproachable and transparent follow-up.

Our experts have a passion for a job well done and the allies that go with it: attention to detail and precision.

Their experience and professionalism are enhanced by the most innovative and efficient tools on the market, which we make available to them.

Our services are not limited to car detailing. We offer a variety of services, both in Belgium and internationally.

Whether you are a car lover looking for a quality detailing centre, an Oldtimer enthusiast wishing to find support for his project, a motorcyclist with customisation ideas to bring to life, a professional in the automotive sector looking for a trustworthy ally or the owner of a catering establishment looking for a competent cleaning service, Car Luxe Cleaning is there for you and thanks you for your trust.


« Cleaning a vehicle, both exterior and interior, requires analysis, precision and care »

Our experts answer your most frequently asked questions

My vehicle is new. Is there any point in taking it to Car Luxe Cleaning?

Yes, although your vehicle is new, during the delivery process it is transported to your car dealership in several different ways (truck, train, etc.). These different journeys “attack” the bodywork of your vehicle and leave many contaminants and scratches on the surface. Our intervention, upon receipt of your new vehicle, will ensure the preservation and optimal protection of your new acquisition.

I want to sell my car. How can you help me?

Car Luxe Cleaning can help you sell your vehicle at the best price. The different interventions we offer for the interior and exterior of your vehicle will allow you to present your vehicle in its best light to your future buyers.

Why steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning has many advantages:

  • It respects all types of paintwork (new, weathered, etc.)
  • It respects all materials (bodywork, rims, leather, carbon, etc.)
  • It is environmentally friendly thanks to the low water consumption (5 litres of water for one vehicle)

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    « Detailing reveals the beauty, the artistry of the design and the curves of the entrusted vehicle »


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      Our experts answer your most frequently asked questions

      What is detailing?

      This is the highest level of analysis and finishing in car cleaning.
      Detailing meets all needs, it allows :

      • Protect an investment
      • Restore the original appearance of a vehicle that is dear to your heart
      • Maintain a vehicle used daily

      What is a car wax?

      Wax is used to protect the surface of your car from external contaminants.
      There are two types of wax: natural wax (Carnauba) and synthetic wax (hybrid wax).

      What is ceramic coating? Why should I have one installed on my vehicle?

      This is a liquid polymer treatment. They chemically bond to the surface of your vehicle to create a semi-permanent protective layer.
      Ceramic coating :

      • Facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of your vehicle
      • Repels water (hydrophobic action)
      • Increases the shine of your vehicle
      • Protects against UV rays
      • Protects against surface scratches


      « When our skills meet your dreams »

      Our experts answer your most frequently asked questions

      Is it possible to tint the windows of my car at Car Luxe Cleaning?

      Yes, our experts are here to advise you and help you choose the right shade for your needs!

      What is a PPF (Paint Protection Film) ?

      PPF is a protective film for your vehicle’s paintwork. It protects it from stone chips, splashes, bird droppings, crushed insects, tar, and other contaminants that it encounters every day on our roads. It makes washing and maintaining your vehicle much easier and gives it a higher level of protection for a long time.

      Is it possible to install a PPF on my vehicle at Car Luxe Cleaning?

      Yes, Car Luxe Cleaning ensures that PPF is professionally and meticulously applied to your vehicle.

      Is it possible to create custom-made carbon parts at Car Luxe Cleaning?

      Yes, the creation of custom carbon parts is only limited by your imagination ! We offer you support from the beginning to the end of your customization project.

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        « Professional and transparent guidance »


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          FAQ REPAIR
          Nos experts répondent à vos questions les plus fréquentes

          Can the repairs be carried out at my home?

          Yes, our experts will analyse your needs and assess whether it is possible to work at your home or not. If your needs require a visit to our workshop, this will be organised in the most comfortable way possible.

          I am an automotive professional, can I have repairs done in my workshop?

          Yes, an expert can come to your workshop and carry out an intervention, directly on site.

          Does Car Luxe Cleaning propose windscreen impact repair?

          Yes, we offer fast and professional windscreen repairs.

          Does Car Luxe Cleaning offer windscreen replacement?

          Yes, we have the equipment and experience to change your windscreen in the best conditions.


          « Real skills, at your service »

          ALL VEHICLES
          Our experts answer your most frequently asked questions

          I have a classic car and want to organise its storage, can I call on Car Luxe Cleaning?

          YES. We guarantee the safe storage of your vehicle, in the best conditions and in complete discretion.

          Can you take my vehicle to the technical inspection for me?

          YES. We take care of the technical inspection of your vehicle and return it to the place of your choice once it has passed.

          I must go to the airport with my family, can you arrange transport to it?

          YES. We can arrange your transport to the destination of your choice, at any time.

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            For a complete decontamination of your vehicle, do not hesitate
            Car Luxe Cleaning offers you a multitude of services: from cleaning your carpets to cleaning your bedding or your fabric furniture to maintaining and repairing your leather, we have the solution adapted to your needs.
            Professional cleaning at every level
            Our experts can clean and polish the fuselage, wings, windows, interior veneer, deep cleaning of fabrics and carpets, or even apply ceramic protection to all interior and exterior parts of your aircraft.
            Air transport
            Real skills, at your service
            We ensure the deep cleaning of seats, carpets and bunks, but also organise their long-term protection against future damage.
            Rail transport
            Guaranteed satisfaction, at every station
            We offer a wide range of services from stern to bow, such as cleaning and protection of the deck, windows, chrome, interior and exterior furniture, carpets, bedding and much more.
            Waterway transport
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