Do you want to learn about the world of car detailing and acquire unique skills in a constantly evolving field?

Whether you want to make a career out of it or apply this knowledge to your own vehicle, Car Luxe Cleaning offers you several training modules that will lead you to your goals and help you build a solid foundation in your approach to this demanding field.

Each training course consists of a theoretical and a practical part.
Our trainers, members of the Car Luxe Cleaning team, will pass on their knowledge, know-how and passion for detailing and car detailing.

Training 1 « Washing »

Through these modules, you will learn the basics of car cleaning, which is essential to carry out all other cleaning steps: washing the exterior and interior of a vehicle according to the professional standards.

  • Module 1 : Exterior Washing
  • Module 2 : Interior washing
  • Complete training : Module 1 + Module 2

Trainning 3 « Detailing »

These different modules will teach you how to sand, decontaminate, correct and polish the bodywork of a vehicle. These different steps require know-how and rigour. Congratulations, you are on your way to excellence.

  • Module 1 : Sanding and correction
  • Module 2 : Decontamination and polishing
  • Module 3 : Applying an exterior ceramic treatment (bodywork, plastics, etc.)
  • Module 4 : Shampooing and interior cure
  • Module 5 : Interior nourishing treatment of plastics and leathers
  • Module 6 : Applying a ceramic treatment to leather, fabrics and plastics
  • Complete training : Module 1 à 6

Trainning 5 « Advanced »

Learn how to sand and correct a vehicle

  • « Sanding » module : Sanding the bodywork
  • « Correction » module : Bodywork correction

Training 2 « Steam cleaning »

In these modules you will learn how to use steam cleaning for both the exterior and interior of a vehicle. We will discuss with you when to use it (or not), how, why and what the advantages of steam cleaning are.

  • Module 1 : Exterior cleaning
  • Module 1 : Interior cleaning
  • Complete training : Module 1 + Module 2

Trainning 4 « Care & Shine »

Learn how to perfectly apply the decontamination, polishing and protection steps to a vehicle.

  • Module 2 « Detailing » : decontamination and polishing
  • Module 3 « Detailing » : ceramic treatment

Trainning 6 « Expert »

Master all the steps. Analysis, disinfection, cleaning, correction and protection of a vehicle.

  • Complete « Washing » training
  • Complete « Detailing » training
  • Complete « Steam cleaning » training


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